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Feed Back
Below is a selection of recent feedback we have received from our mail order customers. Our replies to any questions are shown in blue text.

  4/07/2013         A C     Levin
Many thanks. The lovely healthy plants arrived today, we're very pleased with them.

  4/07/2013         E W     Auckland
The plants arrives this morning and are now in the garden. As usual the plants are in great condition. If only I had more room!

  19/06/2013       J R     Whakatane
The plants all arrived in excellent condition shortly after 9 am. Many thanks

  12/06/2013       D W     Napier
Thanks. They arrived safely this morning. They are very good specimens.

  7/05/2013         M B     Auckland
Hi Pauline, many thanks for lovely looking plants. They arrived in good condition this A.M

  31/10/2012       I B     Auckland
Just letting you know, the vireyas arrived today in beautiful condition. An excellent service all round.

  10/10/2012       L M     Auckland
Thank you Pauline, arrived 4.00pm Wednesday. Beautifully packaged.

  4/10/2012         K M     Bay of Islands
Many thanks Pauline. The plants have arrived safe and sound. Now to plant them...

  28/09/2012       J B     Wellington
The vireyas arrived safely thanks. We are looking forward to seeing them bloom.

  5/09/2012         W R     Napier
Plants arrived this morning. Thanks for such beautiful healthy plants.

  30/08/2012       J B     New Plymouth
Thank you for the lovely healthy plants. So many of your vireyas brighten my garden and I do thank you for their care and beauty.

  11/08/2012       J A     Nelson
All received in good order thanks so much for the sturdy packaging. Planting today!

  6/08/2012         L Y     Coromandel
They arrived yesterday, are planted and look good. Many Thanks.

  25/07/2012       W H     Napier
Many thanks Pauline. They were on the doorstep at 7am today.

  19/07/2012       G P     Matata
Hi Pauline, plants arrived today, lovely plants many thanks.

  16/07/2012       T D     Nelson
Hi Pauline, thanks very much, lovely plants arrived all safe and sound. Been very wet since they arrived so haven't yet been able to plant them. Hopefully this weekend coming.

  5/07/2012         J B     Auckland
Hi Pauline. Your vireyas arrived this morning in excellent condition. Thanks very much.

  12/05/2012       L K     Auckland
Thanks for the email - our vireyas arrived on Wednesday in great condition.

  9/05/2012         M C     Auckland
I've just received the plants, and I am very pleased, they are healthy and great. Thank you very much for the avocados that is very nice of you. Many thanks.

  6/04/2012         S H     Auckland
Many thanks. Our vireyas have arrived in great condition. About to plant - very exciting.

  27/03/2012       J E     Auckland
Great delight this morning to find all my precious plants have arrived much sooner than I was expecting - thank you so much. Also really tickled pink to find all those lovely avocados - thank you so much. To top it all off today and tomorrow are predicted to be warm sunny beautiful Auckland days - just right for planting - after all the rain and dullness, about time! Many thanks once again I'm truly delighted.

  16/02/2012       M C     Raumati Beach
All arrived today in good order, thank you very much.

  16/02/2012       M C     Lower Hutt
Thanks a lot Pauline--plants arrived today.

  16/11/2011       C N     Hamilton
Thanks very much. All arrived safely

  4/11/2011         J B     Cambridge
Just letting you know that the plants arrived safely....delighted to be able to get the ones I wanted. Thanks a lot.

  25/10/2011       M B     Timaru
What lovely plants, I don't think that I have ever had better!! Will be back, but when is the best time for ordering?

  7/10/2011         A M     New Plymouth
Just to advise that the vireyas were received yesterday (Thurs) and were planted today. They looked very healthy and reached their destination in excellent condition! I can't wait until they flower . .

  23/09/2011       E O     Palmerston North
Thanks for hostas received yesterday. I will enjoy watching them grow.

  14/09/2011       A B     Whitianga
Thanks Pauline - arrived today - very fast. All plants look great. I will wait until the wind dies down a bit before I plant them though!

  8/09/2011         R E     Warkworth
The Vireyas arrived safely this morning. They look like lovely plants. Thank you for your prompt service.

  7/09/2011         M L     Upper Hutt
Just a quick note to let you know that the plants arrived this afternoon and they look great. I'm looking forward to getting them planted.

  14/07/2011       C L     Auckland
Wonderful thank you Pauline. My neighbour and I have turned into "Vireya Collectors" - thus the multiple orders. I think we now have about 40 different varieties between us. We love your plants!

  1/06/2011         L A     Auckland
Thanks so much they arrived to us safe and sound.

  20/05/2011       B C     Nelson
Just to thank you for the excellent service, the plants arrived in perfect condition yesterday and look very healthy. Thanks for the tip sheet on planting and looking after them.

  15/05/2011       J B     New Plymouth
Arrived safe & sound. Grateful thanks.

  11/05/2011       B C     Auckland
Plants arrived, and I am very happy with them. Many thanks. Great service.

  4/05/2011         R L     Auckland
Great looking plants - thanks Pauline!

  29/04/2011       D S     Auckland
My plants have just arrived, arriving in very good condition.

  7/03/2011         C L     Auckland
First week in February I purchased my second order of beautiful Vireyas from you. Six delicious Vladimir Bukowski! Apart from the plants being large and healthy I want to thank you for your extraordinary service. From order to my front door - 24 hours. Remarkable! The Nation's business owners should be beating a path to your door to see how you do it! Thank you.

  1/12/2010         E M     Northland
Plants arrived safely yesterday afternoon. Beautiful plants in great condition. Many thanks.

  27/10/2010       H B     Te Kuiti
The hostas arrived today in excellent condition - many thanks

  10/08/2010       E W     Auckland
Just a note to express my thanks for the promptness in attending to my order and the VG condition of the plants.

  24/07/2010       I B     Auckland
Just to let you know the plants arrived early in the week - all good and we were delighted with them. Thanks.

  22/07/2010       L K     Auckland
On Tuesday I received my five Vireyas from you. The plants arrived in great condition and look very healthy. I look forward to seeing them in bloom.

  22/07/2010       J B     New Plymouth
Thank you so much. They all arrived looking very healthy and ready to be planted. Can you explain to me what a ponga ring is? I have planted a number of vireyas in my garden. The soil is not particularly free-flowing and even tho' I have put pea straw down every year, it is difficult to dig too deeply into the soil. Some vireyas I have planted in the past, I have kept in their pots as was told they liked to be root-bound?? I like the idea of raised beds for them altho' the front garden where I intend to plant this lot, is certainly more fertile than other parts of the garden. Thank you for your quick delivery and generosity.

In answer to your questions, a ponga ring is a slice of ponga with a hole in the middle into which you plant. It is mainly used to provide a raised free draining planting position. There are many ways in which you can create a raised free draining planting position without a ponga ring. These include the use of timber, bricks, large stones, basically all designed in a shape to hold the soil. A good idea to improve soil drainage is to add bark, potting mix or bark based compost to the soil and dig this through before planting. Pea straw breaks down to too fine a particle to improve the drainage for vireyas. Vireyas like good drainage and time spent improving the soil structure before planting is worth it in the long run. Mulching with a good bark based compost after planting is also beneficial and allows the roots to come to the surface thus overcoming poor drainage underneath. We do not advocate planting plants with their pots still intact. This generally stresses plants and forces them to flower this being the reason it was recommended. At the same time restricting their root development, long term this is detrimental to the plant. It is better to improve the soil which will allow the plants to grow with a better root structure. Using a slow release fertiliser regularly is also beneficial. It is always difficult to give advice when you haven't viewed the site, hence these suggestions are a guide. If you have had success with what you are doing at the moment you may want to stick with it. Please feel free to contact us if you require further advice.

  9/07/2010         N M     Christchurch
Plants just arrived. Travelled well. Delighted with quality.

  9/07/2009         S C     Auckland
Arrived safely today - thanks for the great service!

  2/07/2009         E C     Auckland
Many thanks Pauline. Plants have arrived here safely. Thank you for sending good quality plants, very much appreciated. Will see if I can keep Gardenia Odyssey going. Have had no luck in the past. But am more familiar with the plant now.

  5/12/2008         M C     Hamilton
Received the Vireyas yesterday - lovely plants.

  20/11/2008       R H     Hamilton
I ordered some hostas and clivias this week and they arrived today. The plants look lovely, some are for my mum and we are looking forward to planting them. Thank you for the quick delivery, much appreciated and will be ordering again from you.

  23/09/2008       S D     Auckland
Thanks they arrived this morning, in great condition.

  8/06/2008         A J     Auckland
Sorry to be so slow in responding but I wanted to thank you for your speedy dispatch of our vireyas and your generous bundling in of some avocados as well. We have just come in from planting the vireyas and sat down to a lunch that included your avocado so we are very much sending grateful thanks your way.

  18/05/2008       W R     Auckland
Many thanks for your prompt dispatch of vireyas. They arrived safe and sound in good order on Friday 16 May. I was pleased to find all except Caramia were available and am thrilled with their size for the very reasonable prices and also at the quality of the plants. I am currently finding homes for them on the edge of the bush, where its relatively light & sunny, but sheltered and with good drainage. Once I have completed planting will probably be keen to order some more if space allows.

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