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Feed Back
Below is a selection of recent feedback we have received from our mail order customers. Our replies to any questions are shown in blue text.

  26/12/2018       E F-S     Paremata
The hostas were lovely, thanks.

  27/11/2018       J M     Wellington
Fastway Couriers have just delivered my treasured Vireya. Thank you so much. It arrived in perfect order and I couldnít be more happy. Iím now waiting for the rain to stop and Summer to kick in.

  15/11/2018       W H     Napier
The package arrived yesterday and thank you for the extra plants.

  6/11/2018         C G     Whakatane
Just to let you know the plants arrived safely this afternoon. They look very healthy, THANK YOU.

  27/09/2018       I M     Thames
Just a short note to let you know they arrived this morning - thank you for getting them away so quickly. Thanx again.

  18/09/2018       D T     Te Horo
Arrived safely. Many thanks for excellent service.

  14/09/2018       A B     Three Kings
Thank you for the plants - arrived in perfect timing today for weekend planting at Matheson Bay. Also thank you for the home grown avos - lovely!!

  22/08/2018       J S     Lower Hutt
Vireyas arrived today - nice plants and excellent packing. Already potted.

  15/08/2018       E L     Te Awamutu
Hostas arrived today.Many thanks quick service.

  15/08/2018       J B     Pukekohe
Thanks Pauline...they arrived this morning in awesome condition.

  9/08/2018         V D     Taupo
Plants on front step this morning. Beautifully packaged in pristine condition. TY.

  31/07/2018       C L     New Plymouth
Thank you for the beautiful plants and bonus avos which arrived this morning. My sister who suffers from MS is absolutely delighted with her vireyas, her garden is one of the things she can still enjoy and she is looking forward to watching these new plants grow and flower. Awesome plants, great packaging and super service! Again thank you so much!!

  26/07/2018       A C     Whitby
The plants arrived safely yesterday and look such great specimens. Thanks once again for your prompt service with the plants. Also, thanks very much for the avos.

  25/07/2018       C L     New Plymouth
Delighted with plants, they are fabulous, thank you!! Excellent speedy service, plants were at the door this morning when I got home. Thank you too for the avocados, a lovely treat for us, much appreciated.

  28/02/2018       T M     Wanganui
The plants have arrived, in beautiful condition. My small new patch will be gorgeous. Thank you. (and for the avocadoes)

  18/01/2018       M J     Auckland
The plants have arrived safely. thank you also for the Avocados.

  22/11/2017       M S     Kerikeri
Thank you so very much for the Clivia Pauline, I absolutely love them. Paid a ridiculous price for a yellow one not too long ago but it was one of those "have to have" plants. Thanks for the update on Vireyas. The lady who they are for struggled to find any so she was rapt when I was able to tell her they would be here next week.

  21/11/2017       R T     Wellington
Received them this morning. Just planted in garden. Thanks for the xtra. Great plants.

  21/11/2017       A M     Rural New Plymouth
Just thought I would let you know I collected hostas from depot at 9am this morning. In perfect condition and very pleased with quality and grade. Cheers.

  16/10/2017       S J W     RD Porirua
The plants arrived on Friday in good condition, thanks for the Clivia, I have put them in the greenhouse until Labour day when I will plant them out.

  6/10/2017         P W     Owhata
Plants arrived this morning. Awsome. Thank you.

  13/09/2017       M M     Kaitaia
Just a quick email to let you know the plants have just been delivered to my door. Wow! What amazing service. Thank you.

  19/07/2017       F M     Waiuku
Just a note to thank you very much for allowing us to come and see you at such short notice. it is really nice to meet you in person. We are thrilled with our Vireya plants and really enjoyed our visit, it was very exciting? Paul commented that weíll deffinitely be arranging another visit at some stage ? even Gareth -who enjoys plants but isnít a mad passionate plants body that Paul & I are, was inspired. Thanks so much for spending the time showing us around and for the Begonia cuttings & Morea seeds. Iíll look up the name of the begonia later.

  24/05/2016       B W     Upper Hutt
Plants have just arrived safe and sound Pauline and are superb. Thanks for the Justicia. I have never seen them in garden centres down here so I will have to find a nice home for it. Once again I have to say what a pleasure it is dealing with you.

  22/07/2010       J B     New Plymouth
Thank you so much. They all arrived looking very healthy and ready to be planted. Can you explain to me what a ponga ring is? I have planted a number of vireyas in my garden. The soil is not particularly free-flowing and even tho' I have put pea straw down every year, it is difficult to dig too deeply into the soil. Some vireyas I have planted in the past, I have kept in their pots as was told they liked to be root-bound?? I like the idea of raised beds for them altho' the front garden where I intend to plant this lot, is certainly more fertile than other parts of the garden. Thank you for your quick delivery and generosity.

In answer to your questions, a ponga ring is a slice of ponga with a hole in the middle into which you plant. It is mainly used to provide a raised free draining planting position. There are many ways in which you can create a raised free draining planting position without a ponga ring. These include the use of timber, bricks, large stones, basically all designed in a shape to hold the soil. A good idea to improve soil drainage is to add bark, potting mix or bark based compost to the soil and dig this through before planting. Pea straw breaks down to too fine a particle to improve the drainage for vireyas. Vireyas like good drainage and time spent improving the soil structure before planting is worth it in the long run. Mulching with a good bark based compost after planting is also beneficial and allows the roots to come to the surface thus overcoming poor drainage underneath. We do not advocate planting plants with their pots still intact. This generally stresses plants and forces them to flower this being the reason it was recommended. At the same time restricting their root development, long term this is detrimental to the plant. It is better to improve the soil which will allow the plants to grow with a better root structure. Using a slow release fertiliser regularly is also beneficial. It is always difficult to give advice when you haven't viewed the site, hence these suggestions are a guide. If you have had success with what you are doing at the moment you may want to stick with it. Please feel free to contact us if you require further advice.

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