Created August 2003
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Hi and Welcome to my site...
I have recently started a new hobby - Digital Photography and am enjoying shooting scenes in our neighbourhood.
You can find a page of them by clicking on the sunset image on the right.
The district industry is geared around the Pinus Radiata tree which is grown in the local man made Kinleith Forest. Carter Holt Harvey has a major Pulp & Paper mill creating Export Pulp and Export Linerboard, sending product to end users in NZ, Asia and China consuming some of the timber and waste wood from the forest.
The elevation and the unique countryside lend itself to rolling dairy pastures, lines of young trees, and distant scenes of the forest...
My family and I have made our home here and we hope you can enjoy some of the scenery we share with you ;-)
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Hi visitors, this site is regularly changing...
NASA Satellite Tokoroa

Forest by NASA Satellite


South Waikato and Kinleith
Late Afternoon


NZ Inline Hockey Assn
Inline Hockey
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