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andreas01 v1.3

Ever start a download with say...  BitTorrent and realised that you couldn't/can't be bothered to shut down your computer during the night?

Well now you can!

Presenting my program: 

Shut Down Later

Version 5.3 (April 23 2010)
Version 3.3 (Febuary 1 2006)

Download v5.3 here  (about 30kb in size)
Download v3.3 here  (about 427kb in size)

98 - Windows 7 x32 compatible, should work with others.

Figure1Figure 1.

This little doozy lets you shut down your computer at a time you select and allows you the choice of what type of shutdown method you would like. They are Shutdown, Reboot, Logoff and Hibernate

Whats new in SDL 5?

Whats new in SDL 3?

How To Use

On starting the program you will see the program as in Figure 1.

You then select what time you would like to invoke the program and the shutdown type (Figure 2.)
Tick the PM box if you want afternoon times.
In this case we have selected our program to shutdown at 4PM.

figure2Figure 2.

Click the Start Button. The current time as well as the selected shutdown time are displayed on the bottom (Figure 3)

figure3Figure 3.

If you click 'Stop' before hand, you will get something as in Figure 4.

To minimise the program to the system tray, either click File / minimise... or right click the icon in the system tray and minimise there.

figure4Figure 4.